Capsula Songs & Circuits.jpg




All To Be With You 4:04

From The Sun 4:23

Voices Underground 3:38

Still In The Way 4:31

A Boy Through Airwaves 3:38

Aint Coming Home 3:13

Dancing In My Hands 4:04

Kicking It Out 2:44

Into Dark Spaces 3:50

Cars On Fire 4:05

Stoned By Clouds 3:54

"This is Garage rock for the 21st Century" LOSTMUSIC (UK)

"La sensation du Rock venue d’Argentine" 150 DB (France)

"Martin Guevara, proves on every song, that he can hold his own with the Johnny Marr s of the world" Jim Harris, SUBCULTURE MAGAZINE (UK)

"Twists and turn, and dig you in the neck" - SOHOSTRUT (UK)

"Exciting live gigs where Capsula exhale magnetism"- Fernando Gegundez, RUTA 66 (Spain)

REVIEW Subculture Magazine 

Want a gut pounding guitar-based rock and roll album that swerves its way through psychedelia and Sonic Youth and Nirvana grunge with a refreshing cohesiveness like you have never heard before? 

Then CAPSULA´s “Songs and Circuits is just what you need. 

This might very well the greatest Argentine Rock Band in the world (Of course, thanks to Jez, this is the FIRST Argentine band I have ever heard. More, please!) 

Capsula opens with a steaming drone of a guitar that reminded me of Johnny Marr´s Boomslang 
days, and frankly, front man/guitarist Martin Guevara, proves on every song, that he can hold his own with the Johnny Marr´s of the world. 

"All to Be With You" rocks along with a confident assuredness that immediately engages the listener. Songs and Circuits rocks! 

Capsula hails from the streets of Buenos Aires and at this moment are taking Europe by storm. 
With an incredible array of sonic blasts and riffs in their arsenal, this three-piece band generates incredibly tight, superbly written songs top to bottom. 

While Martin Guevara´s guitar dominates throughout this album, no doubt, in concert, Coni L., with her energetic bass and skirts short enough to cause a revolution, adds mightily to their stage presence. 

In fact, Coni L. looks remarkably like a raven-haired Kim Gordon, and when the she sings lead on such songs as "A Boy through Airwaves" a Capsula song sounds very much like the best of the more upbeat Sonic Youth songs where Kim leads. (And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.) 

But what Coni L. also adds is a Chrissie Hyde snarl that even adds more of a sonic impact to a Capsula song. 

And this isn´t just a rock and roll, power my way through every song album. "Dancing in my Hands" starts off slow and then gradually builds into a psychedelic ballad that has Coni L. pleading for you to Come Come Come on hey! And frankly, well, I´m there. 

Capsula brings a refreshing blast of alternative music that is polished but pleasantly rough around the edges and the influences are so varied as to have you shaking your head. 

The band comfortably blasts out bright walls of Sonic noise as well as a pure garage pop song like "Voices Underground" that would make the Donna´s blush. 

My favorite songs happen to be the jamming type songs like "Still in the Way" and "Cars on Fire" where Martin Guevara showcases an incredible prowess with the six-string. 

Martin is a fantastic addition to a long tradition of great rock guitarists. If you don´t hear Dave Davies or even Jeff Beck in some of his stunning progressions, you aren´t listening. 
Capsula is a great new band that deserves much attention. 

Jim Harris, Subculture Magazine