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Formats: Colour Vinyl 12”, CD, Digital.


1. Caballos de Mar

2. Pizarnik

3. Ella Encarna

4. No Sabes Volver

5. Lo Que Es Tal Vez

6. Laberintos

7. Amuleto

8. Todos Sus Nombres

9. Color humano

10. Certezas


Album Notes

Recorded and mixed by Martin L. Guevara in Buenos Aires, in 1998. The first edition was of 200 copies CDs, released by La Nena Rds. A new edition of the album was released by the label Hotsak in 2012 on vinyl and cd, including the song “Color Humano” written by Edelmiro Molinari and recorded by Almendra in 1969. Mastered by Angel Katarain.

Artwork: Pfahlert Creative Labs (The Silent P)

Photo: Darin Back

Formats: Colour Vinyl 12”, CD, Digital.
Published by Gaztelupeko Hotsak.

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